June 18 | 2024 Nevada Wildfire Panel and Trivia Pint Night!

June 5th, 2024

2024 Nevada wildfire panel and trivia pint night. Subtitle: predictions, strategies and resiliency. Tuesday, June 18 at 6pm. Craft wine and beer, 22 martin st, Reno. Free drinks and trivia prizes. Meet those protecting our lands and communities. Austin Isernhagen: Wildland fuels chief, TMFPD. Tim Brown: Director Western Regional Climate Center, DRI. Gwn Sanchez: Forest Fire Managment Officer, USFS. Jamie Roice-Gomes: Living With Fire Manager, UNR. Brock Uhlig: State Fire Management Officer, BLM.

Join us at the 2024 Nevada Wildfire Panel and Trivia Pint Night! You'll have the opportunity to ask a panel of experts questions about predictions, strategies, and resiliency in relation to wildfire. There will also be free drinks and trivia prizes!
  • When: Tuesday, June 18th at 6pm
  • Where: Craft Wine and Beer, 22 Martin St., Reno

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