Nevada Wildfire Awareness Month Talking Points

Wildfire can threaten Nevadan communities and impact homes, property and human life. The key to minimizing the wildfire impact in Nevada is proactive communities that take steps to prepare.

In response, representatives of Nevada’s local, state, and federal firefighting agencies; wildfire prone communities; and University of Nevada, Reno Extension have conducted a wildfire awareness campaign every May since 2006. This year, our message is “Plan, Prepare, Take Action.”

Some general tips to help you to prepare for wildfire include:

  • Connect with your neighbors to encourage community projects to help reduce the wildfire threat.
  • Declutter your gutter and remove dead vegetation from in and around the gutter.
  • Change out larger attic and crawl space vents for 1/8” noncombustible, noncorrosive metal mesh screens.
  • Prepare an evacuation plan for you and your household, and prepare an evacuation go bag.
  • During May and all year, we encourage folks to prepare for wildfire. Learn more ways to get prepared at or talk to your local fire service representative.

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