How to Make My Community Safer

There are proven steps that residents in high fire hazard areas can take to become “fire adapted” and improve the odds of human life and home survival during a wildfire. When many community members take these steps, they become a Fire Adapted Community (FAC). Below are the five elements of a FAC, with examples of actions you can take today to become fire adapted and live more safely with wildfire. 

Community Image Create Community Protection Improve Access Make an Evacuation Plan Make Structures Fire Safe Improve Defensible Space

Create Community Protection

Well-designed fuelbreaks and safe areas protect the community.

WHAT CAN I DO? Work with public land agency urban lot management programs to create defensible space on neighboring public lands.

Improve Access

Good access helps emergency responders arrive in a timely manner.

WHAT CAN I DO? Home address should be made of noncombustible material with characters at least 6 inches high in contrasting colors.

Make Structures Fire Safe

Appropriate home construction and maintenance resists ignition.

WHAT CAN I DO? Use fire-resistant or non-combustible roofing, siding, decking, and fencing materials.

Improve Defensible Space

Proper management of vegetation surrounding the home reduces the wildfire threat.

WHAT CAN I DO? Contact your local fire district for a free defensible space evaluation and ask about free chipping services.

Make an Evacuation Plan

Prepared communities can evacuate safely 
and effectively.

WHAT CAN I DO? Sign up for emergency notifications, make a go-bag, and practice preparing your home, family, guests, and pets for evacuation.

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