How to Make My Home Fire Safe

In wildfire events, 60-90% of home loss is due to embers traveling ahead of a fire and igniting the home or combustible material near the home. The information below provides specific recommendations for “Home Hardening,” or retrofitting existing components of a home to withstand ember ignition during a wildfire. Each section explains how the component is vulnerable and what can be done to improve that component.  

Interactive Map roofs roof edges rain gutters eaves vents siding skylights windows decks garages chimneys fences
  1. Roofs
  2. Roof Edges
  3. Rain Gutters
  4. Eaves
  5. Vents
  6. Siding
  7. Skylights
  8. Windows
  9. Decks
  10. Garages
  11. Chimneys
  12. Fences

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