Preparing Pets and Livestock for Evacuation

Plan to take your animals with you and never turn them loose. Animals may not be allowed inside human emergency shelters. Contact your county’s animal services department for advice on animal evacuation.

  • Make sure dogs and cats wear properly fitted collars with identification, vaccination, microchip and license tags.
  • Your pet evacuation plan should include routes, transportation needs and host sites. Share this plan with trusted neighbors in your absence.
  • Exchange veterinary information with neighbors and file a permission slip with the veterinarian authorizing emergency care for your animals if you cannot be located.
  • Make sure all vehicles, trailers and pet carriers needed for evacuation are serviced and ready to be used.
  • Assemble a pet to-go bag with a supply of food, non-spill food and water bowls, cat litter and box and a restraint (chain, leash or harness). Additional items to include are newspaper and paper towels, plastic bags, permanent marker, bleach/disinfectant solution and water buckets.

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