High School Earth Science

The Earth Science curriculum contains five 45-minute lessons across two separate units. Unit One includes three lessons that cover wildfire severity, erosion, and how land managers restore burned areas. Unit Two includes two lessons that explore the impacts climate change could have on future wildfires in Nevada. These units do not need to be delivered consecutively.

Unit One covers Next Generation Science Standards ESS 2-2, ESS 2-5, ESS 2.A and ESS 2.C. Unit Two covers Next Generation Science Standards ESS 3-5, ESS 3.D and ETS S1 B. Both units meet several SEPs and CCCs. See the Earth Science Teacher Guide below for a full breakdown of the standards covered by these materials.


High School Earth Science Executive Summary

Overview Documents

Earth Science Curriculum Guide and Table of Contents

Earth Science Parent Letter

Wildfire Trauma-Informed Teacher Information

Download All Unit Two Documents

High School Earth Science Curriculum

Unit One: Wildfire Severity, Erosion, and Restoration (Draft Curriculum)

Unit One Lessons 1-3 Draft Curriculum Still Undergoing Peer Review

Unit Two: Lesson 1: Predicting Future Wildfire

Lesson 1 (Predicting Future Wildfire) PowerPoint

Lesson 1(Predicting Future Wildfire) Student Information Sheet

Lesson 1 (Predicting Future Wildfire) Student Worksheet

Unit Two Lesson 2: Prediction Evaluation

Lesson 2 (Prediction Evaluations) PowerPoint

Lesson 2 (Prediction Evaluation) Future Wildfire Projection

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