Sign Up for Emergency Notifications in Nevada

February 8th, 2022

Local Emergency Notification Systems, commonly known as Reverse Dial, are used by safety officials to send phone calls, emails and texts to a specific area with a prepared message during an emergency. For example, if an area is asked to evacuate, this message will be sent to all of those residents who are in the system. Some residents might not receive these messages if the electricity fails, if the resident isn’t home during an emergency, does not have a land line, or if they have an unlisted phone number. Most systems allow residents to enter multiple forms of contact information, such as an unlisted home number, cell phone, work phone and email address into the database. The following are links on how to register in counties and areas that offer this service: ** Note** Not every county has Reverse Dial. If there is no Local Emergency Notification System please refer to your county’s emergency manager.

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